Once their were two girls who shared a college dorm together. Their names were Meg and Venida. The girls were out partying one night. Meg noticed she forgot her purse and went back quickly to the dorm. With out turning on the lights she walked in and grabbed the purse. Then she returned to the party. Later on in the night, Venida got tired. She left to the dorm to go to sleep.
The next morning, Meg went back to the dorm. The police officers were outside.
" Officer, what's the problem?" She asked.
" There has been a murderer."
" Oh my god. Please let me see."
"No. It's a bit to sloppy." Said the officer.
"Please." Finally, the officer let Venida upstairs. When she walked in the room she saw her roomate covered with a clean white sheet. On the mirror in big, red letters words said: " AREN'T YOU GLAD YOU DIDN'T TURN ON THE LIGHT?"
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