Have campers sit in a circle with their right hands on top of the child sitting next to them, and their left hand under the other child's. As you sing the song the last one to have their hand hit is out. When only 2 campers are left have them each take their right hands and hold the other camper's like they are shaking hands and have then do a sawing type motion, and the person at the end with their hand closer to their chest is out.

Down by the banks
of the hanky panky
where the bull frogs jump
from bank to banky
with an eeps iipes oupss uppss
and an uflop a dilly and a uunflop flop
pepsi cola ginger ale
ginger ale ginger ginger ale ginger ale
pepsi cola ginger ale 7-up 7-up -up
you're out!!

This is great for down time.
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Submitted by: Justin Bowen

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