This game was inspired by those wooden puzzles that were played with golf tees.

To set up the activity, lay Poly Spots (or other type of place marker, such as a paper plate) in a pyramid shape with five spaces in the bottom row.

Have each player stand on a Poly Spot.

The goal is to get down to one person remaining on the spots by strategically moving players while adhering to the following rules.

The group can decide to move any player off of their spot on the pyramid to start the activity.

The group can then “removes” another player by “jumping” them with another, as in checkers.

Players can only move during the act of jumping or when being removed.

If the group does not properly move the players, there will be unmovable players spread out in the pyramid. If successful, the group will be able to get down to one remaining player.


10 Poly-spots
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