This has been an incredibly funny skit for us for over 30 years. It starts with a receptionist at a doctor'office. A patient (this person is the key to the entire skit) comes in and says he needs to see the dr. for a checkup. She tells him to have a seat until the doctor is ready. He has a seat. One by one, several other patients come in with different ailments: cough, hiccups, itching, upset stomach which causes patient to puke, hyper, farting, etc., etc. As each patient comes in, the receptionist tells them to have a seat until the doctor is ready. As they sit next to the original patient, he proceeds to catch everything that the other patients have. After a couple minutes the patients get up and leave, saying they're are cured. By the end of the skit the original patient is acting out all the ailments at once, and is quite miserable. The final patient to come in has a ball placed under her jacket, to make it look as though she is pregnant. When the original patient sees this, he has had enough, screams, and runs off!


The first patient really has to ham it up. He has to act out each ailment, and remember to do several of them at once. By the time the last patient comes in he is coughing, hiccuping, itching, farting, etc. etc. Your counselors will come up with all sorts of different ailments for him to have.
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Submitted by: Larry Wesche

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