Divide campers into two teams.

Campers form two lines at opposite ends of the playing area, and march towards each other saying “We're going to war! We're going to win!” until they reach the center of the field. The counselor in charge tells them to “HALT!” Each player should be facing a player on the other team. On the count of three, the campers perform one of three motions (the whole team doing the SAME motion):

DRAGON (arms raised above head, growling)
PRINCESS (arms low at side like you're twirling a skirt, saying “oOOOOooOOO” in a girly voice)
KNIGHT (arms held in front like you are gripping a sword)

Dragons beat princesses
Knights beat Dragons
Princesses beat Knights

The team that wins chases the losing team back to their starting position(find some way to mark this area). If a losing team member is tagged, they join the other team and the whole process starts all over.
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