Everyone has a partner. Each pair links arms and stands in a circle, with a few feet between each pair.

One pair is "it" with one chasing the other (this pair does not link arms). They can run around or through the circle, or even between the linked arms of other pairs.

The person being chased can run as long as they desire, eventually linking arms with any person in the circle, temporarily forming a triple partnership.

Once they have linked up, the person on the far side must detach from their partner and become the person being chased. This way the person being chased is constantly changing.

If the chaser catches the chasee, they switch spots, and the former chaser is now the chased, and they must eventually link arms.

Must have an even number of players, and if the group is big enough, there can be two pairs of chasers and chasees.


Enough space to run, and LOTS of energy.


To not get caught, and link arms with someone, causing someone else to be chased.
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Submitted by: Lindsay Millette

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