Get into a circle with one person in the center. This person will then call out elephant, cow, or giraffe. The person that is pointed out, as well as the person on each side of him/her, will have to coordinate their actions and make each animal as described.

Elephant: center will stick both hands in front of their nose in a cylinder to form a trunk. On each side of them they will form the ears by leaning over placing one hand by the center persons hips and the other by their head.

Cow: center person will enter lock their fingers and turn them upside down so that the thumbs point down forming udders. The outside people will then milk the udders.

Giraffes: center places their hands directly over their head and together forming the neck, while the outside two arch their backs touching the middle personís toes to form the legs.

If they do not get into this position by the count of 5 by the pointer then the last to get into position will become the center person.
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