The elevator operator moves the stick and opens the elevator door while shouting "First floor...Lobby"

One or two campers enter the elevator, and the operator moves the stick to close the door.

As the elevator moves from floor to floor, the passengers bounce up and down while repeating the phrase "Come on, Ten"

The elevator stops the elevator and opens the door while shouting "Second floor...sporting goods" One or two more campers enter. After the door closes, all passengers bounce up and down, repeating the phrase "Come on, Ten"

This continues for each floor, and each the time the passengers become more frantic and more agitated while repeating "Come on, Ten"

By the time the elevator reaches the tenth floor, the car full of passengers should be almost out of control shouting "Come on, Ten!"

The operator opens the door, and shouts "Tenth Floor...Restrooms" All the passengers scream with relief and run out of the elevators and off stage.


A stick
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