The enlarging machine skit is described on this site. I would like to comment on how we end the skit, which is very different from all the others that I've seen. We go through the usual list of things that we put in the machine, that then come out much bigger. For our last thing to enlarge we have a girl walk up carrying a baby (doll). The girl says that the baby needs a larger diaper, but the machine operator doesn't hear correctly and thinks that she wants the baby engaged. So, she takes the doll from the girl and puts it in the machine. The girl is frantic and tries to get the operator to stop the machine, but before the operator can do that, the machine goes into operation and out comes one of our boy counselors wearing nothing but a diaper. He proceeds to chase the girl, calling out "mama, mama". The kids absolutely love it!!


Finding a boy counselor who is willing to come out of the machine wearing only a diaper.
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Submitted by: Larry Wesche

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