Every long journey is made of small steps,
Is made of the courage, the feeling you get;
You know it's been waiting, been waiting for you,
The journeys the only thing you want to do.

And we cannot know what you go through or see through your eyes,
But we will surround you our pride undisguised;
In every direction, what ever your veiw,
We're taking our love there with you.

Every long journey, what drives you to go,
It's half what you know and half what you don't;
The secret's been waiting, our heart's got the key,
The secret's the only thing you want to see.
Every long journey begins with a dream,
The spirit, the courage to make it all real;
The dream has been calling, been calling to you,
The dream is the only thing you want to do.

Ann Reed; copyright 1986 Turtlecub Publishing / BMI;
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Submitted by: KOJ Dunkins

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