This is a "rock-paper-scissors" themed game.

Have the group in a circle.

Everyone starts out as an egg by squatting down low and waddling like an egg. "Eggs" find another egg and play a game of rock-paper-scissors. The winners turn into a chicken.

Chickens move on to find other chickens, and eggs continue to play against other eggs.

Each time a player wins a r-p-s bout, they evolve into the next stage. Inevitably, one person will be left as the lone player in each stage of evolution until the end of the game as the winner of the final pair in each stage wins and moves on.

The game ends when all but the lone person in each stage evolve to the final stage.

The "evolutions" and actions are:

Egg: squatting down low near ground
Chicken: putting thumbs under armpits and flapping elbows
Eagle: flapping arms by sides
Pterodactyl - arms out at shoulder length and moving body back and forth as if soaring through the skies
Nerdy human: act nervous, hike up shorts, etc.
"Super cool" human or "Ultimate Person": Strikes a relaxed, confident, "cool" pose off to the side of the group.


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