For this game start be designating the four areas of the game. They should be some distance from each other so it takes running steps to get there. They four zones are: Mountain, Ocean, Desert, and River. Kids will have to get to the four designated areas quickly when you call them out. The last kids to get there will be eliminated each round. Other commands will also be called out and are as follows:
• Rock Climbing: Kids must pretend to be climbing a rock wall while standing up.
• Dune Buggy: Four kids must sit together as if in a dune buggy, one kid driving.
• Build a Fire: Two kids will lie down as logs while a third moves their arms as if they were fire.
• Sky diving: Four kids must lie on the ground and hold hands as if they were in a sky diving team.
• Back packing: One kid must give another kid a piggy back ride as if they were there pack.
• River Rafting: Five kids must sit in a group or line and pretend to be rowing on rapids.
• Avalanche: Everyone must freeze until thaw is called. If another command is called before “thaw” then kids must not move by rather remain frozen.
• Plane Crash: Everyone must RPS, if you loose you are out.

The last person, or group to complete a given task is eliminated.

The final person in the game can help call the next round, or even add a new command to the list.
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Submitted by: Dana Chauvin

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