Divide your group into two lines facing each other about 30 feet apart.

The leader stands in the middle of the lines and serves as the "caller." You can certainly choose someone in the group to be the caller.

The leader calls out something about people in the group, such as a color they are wearing, a month they were born in, etc.

If the characterstic is true about a participant, they must try to run to the other side without getting tagged by the caller.

If someone is tagged, they kneel down where they are tagged and try to tag others who are running by. You can also have tagged players become movable helpers if you choose.

Once a call has been made, and everyone who has safely made it to the other side are settled, the caller continues to call out new characteristics. Regardless of the side a player is on, they run to the other side if the item called is true about them.

If the leader calls "Fanuary," everyone standing runs to the opposite side.


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