Camp Games are our favorite part of the day! Here are five of our personal choices:

Alaskan Baseball

Start with 2 teams. One team is given a throwable object, their team then forms a circle around them and that person throws the object. After he has thrown the object then he goes around the circle saying everyone's name in order of the circle. Every time he makes it around the circle, it counts as a run.

Meanwhile, the other team is chasing the object. Once someone on the chasing team retrieves the object, everyone forms a line behind that person. They then pass the object between their legs until it reaches the last person, where it is then passed overhead back to the first person in line.

When the first person gets the object the team yells out, and the other team stops counting runs. The first person in line that retreived the object now has a circle formed around him and he throws the object and the process reverses. As with all camp games, you can choose to keep score, or not...

Ah Soh Gee

Everyone sits in a circle, and learns the 3 commands and their movements.
1) Ah – the person says “Ah” loudly, and takes their left or right arm across their chest, pointing at the person next to them
2) Soh- the person says “Soh” loudly, and takes their left or right arm above their head, pointing at the person next to them
3) Gee – (hard "G" sound) the person puts both arms together in front of them and point to someone else, anywhere in the circle.

The phrases must always go in that order, and each phrase needs its correct hand motion. You go when you are pointed at by someone next to you using “ah” or “soh,” or by someone across from you using “gee.” When you are “gee”ed at by someone you can either start again with “Ah”

If a person makes a mistake, he/she steps out of the circle and becomes a "heckler" and walk around the outside trying to confuse people by shouting random words.

When someone gets out, the group all put their hands in the middle, and give the baseball "Yeeeerrrr otta here" motion and command.

Frisbee Golf aka Frolf

Played with the same rules as traditional golf, using a fribee as the "ball" and various items (trees, to cabins to cones) as the holes.

Players tee off and throw the frisbee towards the hole. Each throw is counted as a stroke. Before each hole, determine the par (number of strokes) desired for the hole.

Kick the Can

It is played the same as hide and seek, except a tin can is set up in a circle near a designated "jail". The game begins with a player kicking the can. The one person who was chosen to be it must retrieve the can and place it back on its starting point.

As soon as the can has been kicked, all other player runs and hide. If a player is seen hiding by the "it" and are called out by name or description they are caught and brought to "jail".

If a player can rush in without being caught and kick the can, all who are held as prisoners can run and hide within the space of time it takes for the one "it" to get the can back in place. One good ruling is that a person caught three times becomes "it", or if all are held prisoners, the first one caught becomes "it."

Toilet Tag

When someone is tagged, they must squat down to form the "toilet" and hold one hand out to the side, like the "handle".

To get back into the game, someone must "flush" the frozen person and make a loud "Woooooosh" sound.

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