Whether performed on a stage, during assembly time, or in front of a campfire a good skit will never cease to entertain! Here are some important tips to remember for a successful performance:

1. Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse
2. Keep the show moving! Have the next performers ready and waiting.
3. When possible, involve audience participants (favorite counselors or parents).
4. Use an older camper or two in skits involving younger campers, especially when there are a lot lines.
5. Many of the skits can be reworked so that they can be led by a narrator, who reads the lines while the actors perform.

Have Fun!

Chicken Farmer

The skit starts out, with 3 (or 4) campers in a line and another camper(playing the hatchery owner) over on the other side of the stage.The first camper (playing the Farmer) in the line pretends to start a truck, and the whole group "drives" over to the Hatchery owner. When they get there, the Farmer gets out of the truck, and walks over to the owner while the other campers (playing the crew) stay in the truck.The farmer and owner greet, and the farmer annouces that he would like to by 4 dozen chickens, the owner says alright, and they agree upon a price. Upon agreeing on the price, the two spit in their hands an shake.The farmer then turns to his truck, and shouts, "Hey you guys, get on outta that truck an' looaad up these here chickens!" (note: for a good laugh, the farmer can slur all of the words together, so almost nobody can understand him.)The Crew gets out, and they load up the chickens. While the chickens are being loaded, the farmer and owner can chat about the weather.Once all of the chickens are loaded, the farmer gets back in his truck, and he and the crew all drive back to the Farm.Narrator comes onto stage and announces: "One week later" then the cast repeats the process 2 more times...On the third time through, farmer announces that he would like to buy 5 dozen chickens. The owner whistles, and says, "man, you must have a pretty good sized farm going on now."The farmer then replies, "Well, I really can't tell yet, but I think I'm either planting them too deep, or too far apart."

Important Papers

The setting can be either a king or a boss in hisoffice who beckons to a courtier or assistant that he wants his royal or
important papers. The person runs in with a sheath of papers, the king or boss quite agitated tosses them aside and demands that they bring him his important papers. Other people bring in other things one at a timesuch as a book etc. The king throws them aside and gets more and more upset demanding that he have his important papers. At lastthe some one comes in with a roll of toilet paper (court jester, office boy etc.). The king knights him or the boss promotes him thanking him profusely and runs off the stage in visible relief.

What kind of tracks are these?

First boy, standing center stage, looking at ground.
Second camper comes in, asks: "What are you doing?"First camper: "I'm trying to figure out what kind of tracks these are."Second camper: "They look like wolf tracks to me.Third camper joins group: "What are you doing?"First camper: "I'm trying to figure out what kind of tracks these are."Second camper: "They look like wolf tracks to me."Third camper: "They look like bear tracks to me."Fourth camper joins group:"What are you doing?"First camper: "I'm trying to figure out what kind of tracks these are."Second camper: "They look like wolf tracks to me."Third camper: "They look like bear tracks to me."Fourth camper: "You guys, those are TRAIN TRACKS."Just then, the rest of the campers come in as a train, tooting and chugging.

Musical Genius

The announcer makes a flowery introduction about how fortunate the audience is to have the opportunity to hear a splendid vocal group about to perform. After the introduction, the group marches onto stage and lines up across the front. The announcer states that
their first number will be that appealing ballad "The Little Lost Sheep". Following a short musical introduction, singers open their mouths and produce a long, loud "Baa-a-a and then exit the stage.

Push a rope?

All of the campers (except the one with the rope) line up in a strait line facing the audience.
Then from off stage, the camper with the rope walks right in front of them pulling the rope behind him. Well he keeps on doing this, while the campers in the line are looking puzzled and confused, snickering at him and pointing.Finally after awhile, one of the lined-up campers asks the scout with rope, "Why are you pulling that rope?"The camper with the rope stops and looks the him and says"Well have you ever seen a person push a rope before."
Requirements : Long piece-o-rope

The Light's Better Here- Walk On Skit

Between skits a camper walks to the front of the fire in the way of the MC and starts searching for something.MC asks "what are looking for?" camper replies, "My flashlight" (or whatever).MC asks "Where did you lose it?"Camper points off in the darkness and replies "over there, somewhere," and continues to look for the lost item around the campfire.MC asks "Well, why are looking here?"Camper replies "The light's better over here!"

Hairy Hamburger

A man sits down in a restaurant and orders a hamburger. The waiter bring out his hamburger. The man starts eating his hamburger and finds a hair in it; complains to waiter and another one is brought out. The second hamburger has a hair in it and is taken back. The third hamburger also has a hair in it. The man gets upset and demands to see
the cook. The cook comes out and the man asks him how he makes his
hamburgers. The cook says that all he does is roll the meat and
demonstrates making patties by placing the meat under his arm and


3 campers lay on the ground, side by side, pretending to be asleep.The 4th camper (acting as the camp counselor) stands by the group.The camper laying the furthest away rolls over the two campers and asks the counselor if he can go wee.The counselor says, "No, now go back to sleep."Then he rolls back over. He then rolls over again and tells the counselor, "Man, I really got to go wee!" The counselor says "NO! Go back to sleep now!"He then rolls back over. He then again rolls back over and says, "I really reallly reeeallllly got to go wee!The counselor says, "Well, if you have to go that bad... go ahead."So he gets up starts skipping around yelling, "WEE, WEE, WEE!!!"

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