This is best done with the counselors or staffers of a camp and is used to entertain the campers. Have at least ten counselors or staffers line up across the front of a stage or in a row of chairs, leaving a little bit room at each end, as if they are sitting in movie theater.

All the movie viewers should be excitedly discussing the movie they are about to see (you should make the movie something that would cause lots of response from the movie viewers such as screams or Oh's and Ah's)

Once the audience of campers have a feel for the type movie, a boy and girl staffer or counselor enter together as if they are on their first date. Because the movie viewers are so tightly packed, the couple is forced to sit at the outer most ends of the row. The campers can tell from the viewers’ exclamations that the movie has started.

The boy on one end calls to his date to see if she wants any popcorn. She tries to respond but has a hard time because the other movie viewers are talking loudly about the show. The boy passes the bag down the row to his date and every person in the row takes a handful. When it finally gets to the girl, there is none left and she scoffs at the boy.

The boy then tries to pass her the soda. The same thing happens and all the viewers take a sip so the girl gets nothing again. The whole time, the viewers are talking and responding to the movie.

The boy now tries to give her a stick of gum. The person next to him opens it and chews it for a moment. He spits it out and passes it to the next person who chews it too. All the viewers get to chew the gum before it reaches the girl who looks at it, obviously disgusted.

The boy tries to compliment the girl by whispering "You have nice eyes," to the person next to him. The message makes its way down the row and by the time it reaches the girl, the message has been distorted to say “You have big thighs.” Offended, the girl slaps the person next to her who told her and the slap goes all the way back to the boy.

Desperately, the boy tries to win her heart back by passing a kiss. It awkwardly travels down the row. The campers think this is the funniest thing in the world. It finally reaches the girl who becomes very creeped out because the kiss came from some stranger. She gets up and leaves and the boy, not understanding what happened, chases after her.

The rest of the viewers make shocked noises over the ending of the movie and get up to leave, totally oblivious to the whole conflict.


Bag of Popcorn or Chips One stick of gum A soda


Entertain large groups of campers
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Submitted by: Alice Cullen

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