Before beginning any activity, circle your group up. The group leader will need to hold up one hand, spreading fingers apart... stating that the 'Five Finger Contract' will need to be gone over before activities can be started. Ask each person to hold up a hand and follow along.

1. Lower all fingers, except the PINKY FINGER. Explain that this finger represents "SAFETY," as it is the smallest and most prone to getting hurt. Everyone must follow safety guidelines and look out for one another. (i.e. no running, pushing, etc... - unless activity calls for it.) Stating that you don't want broken bones or hurt feelings.

2. Raise RING FINGER (while keeping PINKY FINGER raised). Explain that most married couples wear rings on this finger to represent "COMMITMENT." You're asking that each person commits themselves to the activity and at least trying it.

3. Raise MIDDLE FINGER (while keeping PINKY and RING FINGERS raised). Explain that typically held up by itself, the middle finger usually means something negative and bad. However, during this activity it means something "GOOD AND POSITIVE." Meaning: don't put yourself down and don't put others down. (i.e. don't call yourself stupid because you didn't understand something and don't call others babies or dumb because they whined or failed the task.)

4. Raise INDEX FINGER (while keeping PINKY, RING and MIDDLE FINGERS raised). Explain that when this finger is used by itself, it usually means "DIRECTION." So, listen for the directions to be given (by the group leader) and things will run smoothly.

5. Close fingers and raise THUMB (like giving a "Thumbs Up"). Ask the group what this means. (Answers will range from GOOD JOB, HAVE FUN and OKAY. All of which are acceptable.)

6. Lastly, open up your hand to expose your PALM. Explain that this is a "CHALLENGE BY CHOICE" activity and that no one can "make" them participate... not adults, their friends, or you... the group leader. If they agree to the "FIVE FINGER CONTRACT," then sealing their approval to abide by the rules will happen when they "HIGH FIVE" another person. (Pay close attention to the crowd... as shy or rebellious people will tend to not "HIGH FIVE" anyone... so make sure they do.)

*Once they've all agreed to accept this contract... begin the first activity. If you notice a "FINGER" not being observed... feel free to either loudly remind the group of which "FINGER" was violated and how they can correct it. Or, if the violation gets out of control (i.e. safety issues or negative words flying around) then stop the activity and go over the contract again as a reminder.


Group leader.


To keep group safe, committed, and having fun.
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Submitted by: Brandy Joins

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