Create a row of five decent boxes and two players, one at each end.

For your first turn you'd have to throw it into the box closest to your opponent (your fifth box, his first), without him catching it on the fly.

In other words, the ball had to take a bounce (and only one bounce) before he caught it or it left his box. If he caught it on a fly, or if you missed the box, it was his turn, if he didn't catch it you threw again.

The next throw would be to your fourth box (his second), where it had to bounce once (and only once), then bounce one or more times in the fifth box before he caught it.

If he caught it before it bounced in the last box, then you didn't advance but had to continue trying for those two bounces.

If you got it, your next attempt was to get one bounce in the third, fourth and fifth boxes. You'd finally get it so you had made the ball bounce once in all five boxes, then you'd have to reverse - trying for four bounces in four boxes, then three bounces in three then two and finally - just throwing it into his closest box on a bounce before he caught it.


5 boxes
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