it's starts with everyone standing in a big circle watching the circle, (and there is place enough between each person for another one)1 person is walking around the circle with something in his hand (it can be a flag, or a stick or even something else), At some point the person is going to stand between two people. (but he will stand with his back to the circle and places the "flag" in front of him. The 2 people who stand next to that person have to run (each to opposite sites) around the circle. (When they meet you can let them do little games between those 2 or they can just continue to run) the first person who can take the "flag" starts walking around the circle. (the other child has taken again his place )


You just need a little thing as "flag" it can be a short, sock, ball, even a little thing so it's harder to take it from the person.
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Submitted by: Els Vandooren

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