This game requires the assistance of 8 or more leaders (counselors or adults). These people are 'planted' in specific locations prior to the start of the game. Each location has a wildflower growing close by. The leader draws up several sketch maps of the area in which the counselors are located.
Divide the group into teams of 4 -6 people. Each team is given a sketch map, and pencil and paper. Teams assemble at a central starting area, where the leader explains these rules:
1) Members of each team must hold hands throughout the game
2) Teams must return to the starting area in 30 minutes (a whistle will be blown).

The object of the game is to:
1) find the leaders who are hidden in the playing area and
2) to identify the wildflower found in the general location of each leader. Each team writes down the name of the wildflower and the name of the leader; a dot can be put on the map to indicate the proper location.

Teams search for as many leaders and flowers as they can find in 30 minutes. When the whistle sounds, all teams and leaders return to the starting area;
the game leader collects the maps and tallies the results. The team with the highest number of correct identifications wins.

The entire group can then discuss the types of wildflowers that grow in the area, and the characteristics of the various locations in which they can be found.


Per team: Map of area, Pencil and Paper, Whistle (The game is played best in an area with a good variety of wildflowers growing within a reasonable distance of each other.)
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