A quick and simple ice breaker with three motions.

Begin by introducing the motions:

Food- rub your belly and say "mmmmm"

Friends- hold out both arms wide and say "heeeeyyyy"

Fireworks- clap both hands over your head and then say "shhhhhhhh" as you slowly lower your arms to your sides.

Ask everyone to find a partner. They stand back to back.

Tell them that they are going to try to match one of the three motions with their partner. There is no talking or planning!!

Count to three and say "Go!"

Both partners turn and face each other and immediately make the motion and sound that they had chosen.

If the pair match, they give a resounding "Yes!" and pump their fist in the air.

If they do not match they say "D'Oh" and lightly bump themselves on the head.

Try it again with the same partner or have everyone switch partners and see if a match can be created with someone new.


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