The teacher teaches a student his new word -"yes." After a bit of practice pronouncing it he goes off into the real world.

He is confronted by bullies who ask him "Do you wanna get pounded?"

The student politely answers "Yes!"

The bullies ask "Are you sure?"

The student again replies "Yes!"

The bullies then beat him up with the sticks.

He goes back to his teacher who decides that he needs to learn the word "no". The student learns the word, and goes into the world again.

He is again confronted by the bullies who ask him "have you had enough yet?"

The student politely answers "No!"

Again the bullies beat him up.

Upon returning to his teacher he is taught to say "Maybe". He learns this and heads out again where he AGAIN confronts the bullies who ask him "You think you can take us?"

He is hesitant to say anything before replying "Yes!" "No!" "MAYBE!"

He is once again pounced on.
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