1. Spread several layers of newspaper on work area.

2. Flatten down the forks, just tap with the hammer. Bang the tips so it could play better.

3. Now glue 2 forks together at a time to the string -- just barely dab a drop of glue.

4. Glue the crepe paper to the pole.

5. Glue the string, with forks attached, to the pole.

6. Let it dry for about 20 minutes or more and then hang them up and enjoy!


Newspapers (to pad work area) Forks (old ones) Hammer Pole (2 feet long) Crepe paper (3 feet long) Thick string (25 centimeters/10 inch long lengths) Strong craft glue


This project is from the Baby Sitters Club Movie. You can recycle old forks into a wind chime!
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