Campers stand up in a line. All must have a small full drink bottle strapped to their waist, hidden under their shirt.
First camper: Once upon a time, a beautiful dragon army was flying over the Pacific Ocean. (or somewhere else well-known)
Second camper: Unfortunately..... (anything bad that happens but does not involve any dragons dying)
Third camper: Fortunately..... (anything that fixes the previous bad thing)
Fourth camper: Unfortunately.....
This continues until every camper has said something at least twice (depending on the amount of campers) apart from the last camper.
Camper: At that moment, the dragon army decided to take a break, and pee on anyone in sight!
At this, campers pull out the full drink bottles and squirt the water at the audience.


-A drink bottle for each of the campers -Something to strap the drink bottles to the campers' waists
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Submitted by: BJ Mcgibon

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