Place four different-colored cones in a large square with one chair in the middle of the square.

Pick one camper to be "it." This person sits on the chair, either blinfolded or covering his/her eyes.
The game begins when the person in the middle and a counselor starts counting down ("5, 4, 3, 2, 1"). This signals the rest of the campers to run to any color they like. When the countdown ends, the person in the middle calls out a color, and all the campers at that color cone are out.
The game continues until there is only one camper left, who then becomes "it."

If playng in an indoor area, especially with a hard floor, the person who is "it" can listen carefully to hear where the reat of the campers are going. The other campers change thier strategy by running loudy/tiptoeing, etc.
More colors/cones can be added for larger groups. 4 is usually enough to suffice for groups of up to 60.
As the game ends, cones can be removed until there are only two options to choose from.
Rock-Paper-Scissors is an excellent tie-breaker if the last two people are caught on the losing color.


At least 4 different colored cones or other brightly colored objects, One blinfold (optional)


To be the last one standing
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Submitted by: Heather Lowther

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