Just like capture the flag except there are 4 teams. I use two long ropes placed in the form of a cross to divide the four areas and I use hula hoops as jails. Each team has three colored flags of the other three teams to protect. The object is to get your own colored flag out of each of the other three corners and into your corner. Players have bandanas or strips of cloth to designate which team they are on. We donít have outer boundaries, so the rule is that if youíre carrying a flag to your side, you have to cross at the rope and not way far out. I like it because, even if you loose all the flags youíre guarding, you team is still in and can concentrate only on offense.


ropes or paint of mark boundaries. Color bandanas or strips of cloth for each player. 3 flags of 4 different colors to match stips of cloth. We use bandanas


Get your three colored flags from each of the other three corners.
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Submitted by: Lucy Grant, (Owner/director - Wet & Wild Adventure Camp (day))

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