Players sit in chairs in a circle. One chair is left empty. Players are in 2 teams. 4 chairs in the circle are designated as "the couch". 2 from each team sit on the couch, alternated. The couch itself does not move.
Players put their names on a piece of paper and then into a hat. Each player draws a new name and becomes that person. The player whose turn it is, is always the person sitting to the right of the empty chair. When it is a player's turn, the player says someone's name. Whoever has that name has to move to the empty chair. Teams can be guy/ girl or you can use tags or armbands so the number on each team is close to the same.


Chairs and room to sit in a circle. A way to identify which team is which (colored tags, armbands)pieces of paper and pencils. Hat or basket


The object is for one team to acquire all four spots on the couch.
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Submitted by: Janet Offutt

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