After responding to “Situation” cards that each describes a specific incident of racism, players move markers on the game board toward the finish line. The free, downloadable game “board” is provided as a computer printout: the four 8.5 x 11-inch game panels are printed out and taped together so that the actual playing board is 17 x 22 inches. Forty-four Situation cards and curriculum are also provided. This resource was created in order to be shared widely without any cost.


Download game materials and read Game Instructions that includes safety guidelines and a helpful glossary of terms. Facilitator must provide dice and something to use as game markers (Post-its work well as each player can write their name on the Post-it.)


Teen and adult players will become aware that racism exists in many everyday kinds of situations (interpersonal and institutional), learn why each situation is racist (stereotyping, tokenism, cultural appropriation, etc.), and acquire tools to interrupt these situations. Played in teams. Curriculum included. Download at
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Submitted by: Kesa Kivel, (Independent Educator - Non)

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