This game is just like the ultimate frisbee except there are goals instead of touchdowns. You play with a frisbee and run down the field passing the frisbee. No one can go in the crease not even the defense. You can jump over the crease and shoot the frisbee before your feet hit the ground. If you score, that's one point. While you pass the frisbee, if someone doesn't catch it and it hits the ground, it's the other teams. This game is a mix of ultimate frisbee and soccer and it's very fun and popular!


A Frisbee, Goals and a crease around the goals.


Score as many points as possible in the amount of time set by the person running the game, or until a team reaches the set scoring limit, usually 11 or 21.
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Submitted by: Mark Guerin, (Sr. Counselor - Sports Specialist - Camp Thundermoon)

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