Each person chooses a fruit or vegetable (with no repeats!). One person is in the center, without a fruit or vegetable name. The one in the center has to say a fruit three times before the person who has claimed that fruit says it once (ie, center must say "orange, orange, orange" before the one who picked orange says "orange").

If the center wins, they switch spots, and former center is now "orange", and former orange is now center, with no fruit or vegetable at all.

When the new center gets someone out, they take that fruit name, and that person is now in the center. They have to stay on their toes and listen to when the center is saying their fruit, or they'll be in the center quite a bit!

Variation: use names, but don't forget that center is nameless, and takes the name of the person he/she got first!

**Don't forget that they can only say their fruit when the person in the center is saying it. (and they can only call out their own fruit as well!)

***Longer fruits are harder to get out, ie pomegranate or alligator fruit


Person in the center: get someone out by saying their fruit 3 times before they say it once People in the circle: say your fruit once before the person in the center finishes saying it 3 times
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Submitted by: Seanna Hayes

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