Bears and Blueberries

Some years ago back when I was working in a fishing camp up in the outback of the Saguenay region of Quebec sometimes in our spare moments a couple of us would go for blueberries which we gave to the cook. She made great desserts for the customers, and us too.

Now in these blueberry barrens, black bears love also desserts and blueberries are their favourites, and they are there daily. Now Iím not afraid of bears, but I do respect them to the highest degree, believe me. We see them often out there but the thing with bears is that you have to make them know that there are humans present, they hate being surprised. What I do up there is I park my truck and turn the radio on real loud. They will know that I am there and we each pick in peace.

This one time things were slow at the camp so I took off with my truck and decided to camp out up there. I am primarily a boondocker and do not mind washing up in a creek or whatever. This time though, I was sleeping in my truck as I am not man enough to set up a tent and get a fire going to cook up a steak for supper in those areas. So I was out picking blueberries, the radio was on, a station out of Chicoutimi which plays country music and I was down a bit from the truck and I glanced up and under the truck on the other side I saw paws moving, black paws. Huh. I slowly crept around in a semi-circle and hid behind some small fir trees to see what was going on. You may not believe this, but I Ďm the one writing the story and Iíll stick to it, but there were three young bears there and they were doing a line dance to the Boot Scootiní Boogie! And thatís my story for today.
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Submitted by: Jim Carten

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