Place two clean garbage pails at a desired distance from each other (according to your campers' stamina and ability) - 30 feet or so.

Next, place a ring of cones around each garbage bin at a radius of four or five feet (modify to your liking).

Choose two teams.

Each team then tries to shoot a round ball (such as a playground ball) into the opposing team's "basket." The method of moving the ball may be: (a) by passing only; (b) by running with it until tagged, then passing it; (c) by dribbling it; or (d) a manner of your choosing.

Players on the offensive team may not be inside the cones when they shoot; neither may the defensive team, but they can guard the offensive team at the perimeter of the cones.

Once the shot is off, anyone may go for the rebound inside the cones. This is a high energy, fun game for younger and older campers alike.


Ball, garbage cans, cones.


To score more points than the opponent.
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Submitted by: Kurt Leapley

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