Photo copy some bingo game boards or papers
( you can find most at a dollar store )
Clear Plastic Table Covers.

Dry erase markers.

Place or tape them onto the table with enough space of course for the nieghbor. Because People are getting wet in the water with this game.

We played by the rivers edge. We put a small raft with the markers on them. When we called a number.. if they had it, they had to go into the water to get the marker and race back to mark off the spot on the board. It became a bingo -relay race... and it was ALOTTTT OF FUN !


Bingo Game Dry ease markers Grease Markers Plastic Table Cloth Prizes for winner... Playing 3 rounds is good to get everyone started.


To YELL BINGO ! and keep the teens involved in BINGO !
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Submitted by: Gina Orio Goetschius

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