A home base in chosen and child is picked to be the “ghost.” Everyone but the “ghost” stands on home base and chants:

One o’clock
Two o’clock
Three o’clock
Four o’clock
Five o’clock
Six o’clock
Seven o’clock
Eight o’clock
Nine o’clock
Ten o’clock
Eleven o’clock
Twelve Midnight!

As the other kids are chanting, the “ghost” must find a place to hide. After the kids at home base yell “twelve midnight” they spread out and search for the “ghost.” When a searcher spots the ghost they yell, “Ghost in the Graveyard!” At this point everyone runs back to home base (the only place they are safe from being tagged) while the “ghost” tries to tag someone. If a person is tagged they become the new “ghost.” If everyone reaches the safety of home base without being tagged, the old “ghost” must hide again.

This game is great to play when it is getting dark.


A playing area with a home base and lots of places to hide


Find the ghost and return to home base without getting tagged
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Submitted by: Jody Badin

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