The number 12B Train was on its usual journey from Royston to Monkton taking workers to and from the coking factory. The day was supposed to be wet and gloomy and a mist is said to have swept in from the east that cold autumn night. The moon was full looking over Royston that night but still wives and children waited patiently for the men to return home .......SAFELY.

The train hurried along that night leaving behind the company of the factory and entered the bleak and lonely night. The train was nearing the tunnel that night but the driver saw an old man crossing the tracks so he ordered the train to halt. It was too late the man was hit and the driver wandered where the man's body was, until the old man appeared before him and stated these words "Sleep safely this night as it will be your last" .

Every one who was on that train died mysteriously that night and the tracks were closed, but now the superstition has passed and the tracks will open again.
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