This is a perfect game for overnights. Can be played at night in a field or in an gymnasium with the lights off.

This game is simple, yet easily one of the best programs Iíve ever had. Every camper gets a glow stick to wear (not the thick types, but the thin flimsy glow sticks that can be used to make a necklace). Tape a couple glow sticks to the dodge balls, and tape glow sticks to the floor to make the out-of-bounds lines and the center line andÖ just play DODGEBALL.

The ref should have a flashlight so he can call people out. Play trance or techno music on speakers to make the experience complete.


Lots of glowsticks Requires a bunch of set-up time to tape the glowsticks to the floor and balls and setup the speakers.
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Submitted by: Jake Goldstein

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