Have someone play a funky tune on a guitar or some instument, or it can be done with no music. Start out with singing "peel banana peel peel banana peel banana peel peel banana" while your arms are above your head in a 12 oclock position and peeling down slowly with one arm peeling down clockwise on the first 'peel banana peel peel banana'. Then do the same counterclock wise with the other arm on the second verse. Then sing "chop banana chop chop banana chop banana chop chop banana" while your hands are doing a kind of karate chop motion. Next sing "smash banana smash smash banana smash banana smash smash banana" while your hand is in a smashing motion. Then sing "eat banana eat eat banana eat banana eat eat banana" and act like your eating with a fork or spoon. Finally sing "go bananas go go bananas go bananas go go bananas" while everyone goes crazy.

Tthe best way for this to work is start out slow and get faster with each time you go through it. AND MAKE SURE YOU SCREAM THE SONG!! The song is uaully gone through 5 times.


Loud singing/screaming.
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Submitted by: Olivia Purcell

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