Gold Rush - This game needs to be played in a medium-large size field and have obsiticles. Two teams are needed in this game. More people on a team, the harder the game is. 30-60 people on a team is recomended.

How to Setup - Take two large buckets and fill them with tennis balls or water bombs (40). Have obsiticles in the way if you are in an open field like soccer goals, 55 Gal. Trash Can's, etc. Have a middle line seperating the two teams areas by orange cones or frisbies. In the middle of that line, walk 20-Paces and set-up a safezone with the same materials as the middle line. On each side, you have 2 more safezone's with the goldbucket's in the middle. These safezone's strech the whole length of the playing area.

- 10 min. playing time
- only get one piece of gold.
- if you are in enemy area, you can get tagged.
- once tagged, if an teammate tags you, stand up and walk to your side with hands in air and then resume play on your side.
- no tagging inside safe zones.
- if you go out of bounds, your out.
- if tagged with a piece of gold, give it to enemy team.
- you may drag enemy accross line to your side.
- make up more rules as you go.


80 tennis balls or water bombs 2 large buckets frisbies orange cones


to steal gold and get it to the other side without getting tagged.
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Submitted by: Corey CLARK, (Summer Staff - Camp Nathanael)

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