Start out by designating the field of play, with a line through the middle. There should be at least 30 yards on each side, lengthwise, but you can adjust the size to the amount of kids playing (it ends up being a long rectangle or square with a middle boundary). Divide the group into two teams of equal size and ability (if possible). Put one crate with half the gold in one corner, and the other crate with the other half of the gold in the other. When the game starts, the kids try to get to the back of the other teams side without getting touched. They are safe on their own side, and also once they reach the back. If they get tagged while on the other teams side, or run out of bounds, they are out, and must sit down where they are tagged. If they go out of bounds, they must come just inside the boundary and sit. They can be freed by one of their teamates tagging them (free walk backs after being tagged, but not for the person tagging). If they are tagged with a piece of gold, they must give that gold to the person who tagged them. Kids can only carry one piece of gold at a time, and it must be in their hand where the other team can see that they have it, that's why softballs work well. The first team to get all of the other team's gold wins. This is a great game that expends energy, and is also a great team game. A team that might be less athletic can still win if they play defense, and play together. Plus, it's a ton of fun.


30-100 "pieces of gold," depending on the size of the group. The gold can be softballs painted gold, big balls of tin foil, etc. Two containers-milk crates, buckets, etc. And a playing field.


Get all the pieces of gold from the other team, back to your side.
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Submitted by: Mike Mayes

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