Donít Gossip

This teaches that one thing can be changed into something different.
Have the children sit in a circle.
The leader will read off a card and whisper into the first ear.
The children continue to whisper until it comes back to the leader.
The last child says out loud what he/she heard.
The leader shows the card.
Usually there is a difference.
You can only repeat the phrase to someone else once. Thatís it.
Here is the catch. While others are whispering Öyou can sing a song to make it more distracting since in every day life there are usually things going on while we talk to others.

Example sentence:
Sally ran to the store and hurt the leg of her motherís other girl who was eating pizza.


people pen and paper


to show how something said in the beginning of a group can turn into something different at the end of the group.
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Submitted by: Elizbeth Burnette

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