This game is played by groups, teams or cabins. You start the game off with an introduction. With the participants present you start by telling them you have a special guest at the camp visiting. Then you introduce Granny, who owns Granny's Candy Company. As she walks in with a large bag full of candy(garbage bag full of ballons). Some Oompa Loompas(staff members dressed up in funny outfits) come in and take her bag a run off. After the incident, and you talk to Granny, she asks the campers if they will help her. Then you explain the game as follows:

Word has gotten out that her candy has become very popular and Willy Wonka is trying to push out her out of the business by getting his Oompa Loompas to take her candy. Each cabin has been hired on a mission by Granny's Candy Company to acquire candy from her candy makers and transport it to a safe location.

Have 5-10 staff hiding in easy to find locations as the candy makers. They each will have a bag of balloons. Each staff will have a separate color. When the cabins come to them they blow up a balloon and take it to there cabin. They must stay as a group and should be supervised by a staff member! They can choose which candy maker they visit and can visit anyone as many times as they want.

The balloons in the game represent the candy.

Have 3-6 other staff roaming dressed up as Oompa Loompas. There job is to chase the cabins and try to bust there ballons. If the cabin get to their cabin and touches it they are safe. Make sure the staff Oompa Loompas know not to get to physical in attempting to bust the ballon and not to use objects to try and bust them...just there hands and feet.

The game can last as long is desired, we usually play till the balloons are low or around 45min-1hr.

Once the game is called, you get the teams together in a central place with their respective balloons and then you throw in the twist. Some balloons or candy are worth more than others. One by one you read off what each color is worth. As you are reading off the values, you will reveal that one of the candy makers was actually an Oompa Loompa disguised and that the candy color they were giving out is bad(it has a negative value). Then get the cabin leaders to bring up there points and read off the sums.

*The candy makers don't have to have an exclusive color, they can have a mix. You can also have one color thats worth a lot more in value( but only have a few of those or even just one) If you have a lot of time you could even put values on paper inside the ballons.


-8->16 staff -large balloons (approx. 30 per candy maker, but have extra)


Transport the most candy
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Submitted by: Jonah Candy

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