The "Great Swami" sits in a chair at the front of the stage and declares to the audience that he can predict the future of anyone in the audience and asks for volunteers (staff members/campers who are part of the skit).

The first volunteer asks the swami to read his/her fortune.

The swami demands the person give him their shoe. The swami then sniffs (with great drama and flair, of course) the person's shoe. After thinking for a moment, the swami declares that the person will become afflicted with a terrible coughing fit.

The volunteer is doubtful and walks away. As they walk away, they begin to cough and collapse.

A string of volunteers approach the swami one at a time, and each is given a terrible affliction (sneezing, hiccupping, itching, burping, etc).

The final volunteer (could be a good natured parent or camper from the audience) gives the swami his/her shoe. After a sniff, and a moment, declares that the person will be going for a long walk and throws the shoe across the stage.


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