The tune is the Theme from "Green Acres" TV show; the motions are in parenthesis under each line of the song.

"Greeeeen veggies are the best for me!"
(on the beat bend at the waist as though you are hoeing a row of veggies in the garden, you will do this twice during this line)

"But Chiiiiicken fingers taste good, too, you see!"
(flap arms like a chicken)

"We're so hungry we could eat a pig! - RUN ARNOLD!"
(rub your tummy like you're hungry, then put your hand to mouth to shout the "Run Arnold" part [cause you know Arnold was the pig on Green Acres... heeheee] that can be shouted by a small group or the whole group)

"Sooooo thank you Lord for everything you give! A-Men!"
(fold hands like you're praying then do the Amen like the Bomp-bom that would be the end of the Green Acres song)

this is not subject to copyright... it is from my brain and everyone is welcome to have fun with it! Go CAMP!


Voice and a little room to move


Have fun while saying Grace before meal time
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Submitted by: Traci Schexnayder

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