Here are a few quick games to play with your kids when you have a few minutes to spare. They also make great ice breakers for large groups. Be sure to watch the video at the end of the description.

#1: Trigger Finger

Extend both your arms in front of you. Make one hand into a thumbs up, and the other with index finger pointed. The challenge is to then simultaneously switch the action of each hand, so one hand makes the thumbs up from the pointer action and the other makes the pointer from the thumbs up.

#2: Is this your chin?

Ask the group to hold one hand out in front of their bodies in the "ok" symbol. Ask the group to do a series of movements, such as look through the hole, raise the hand over their head, make three circles and count aloud, etc. You demonstrate the movements as you give the commands. While giving the last command, "Put it on your chin," you place your own hand on your cheek. Ha! Most of the group will follow your actions and will have placed their hands on their cheek, to which you can tease the group with, "Is this your chin?"

#3: Alternating Arms

Ask the group to extend their arms out directly in front of their bodies, with the thumbs on each hand pointing towards the other hand. Then rotate one arm in a rowing motion away from the body. Then rotate the other arm in the same motion towards the body. THEN... challenge the group to rotate both their arms at the same time in the opposite motions. I personally think that I am physically impossible of doing this...


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