As Seen By Camper:
The leader has a hat in their hand, begins to move it around, and with each movement they say "hat game." at the end of the demonstration the leader says "I can play the hat game, how about you?" The camper tries it, doing exactly the same thing, but is told they cannot play the hat game.

The Trick:
Much like the activity "Johnny Johnny Whoops" this game has nothing to do with the hat. The reason they can play is because they say "OK" before going into saying "Hat Game" and "I can play the hat game, how about you." If the camper does this, tell them to do it again in case they did it by mistake.


All you need is a hat. Though the hat doesn't really do anything in the game, it's the distraction that makes them unable to do this.


Encourage thinking outside of the box.
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Submitted by: Lucas Biespiel

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