Everyone Dresses in Hawaiian Costumes: grass skirts, Hawaiian Leis and coconut bikini tops.

Have a Hawaiian Luau (dance on the beach) decorated with palm trees and tiki torches. During the Luau, have a limbo contest (every good Luau needs a limbo contest) and a hula hoop contest.

Have a race in which teams make straight lines, one behind the other. The first person on each team is handed a pineapple. When the leader yells, “Go!” the first person must pass the pineapple between their legs to the person behind them. That person then takes the pineapple and passes it above their heads to the person behind them. Continue in this fashion until the last person in the line has received the pineapple. The first team to complete this task wins! The best part? Eating the pineapple afterwards, of course!


Tissue cut into daisy shaped pieces, Hairpins or bent pipecleaners for threading, string. Some nice coconut and pineapple rice balls or other coconut slice. Hawaiian decorations and music, huka hoops, cardboard boxes.


To have FUM and learn something about a new culture.
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Submitted by: Diane Kayess

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