This game can keep a whole lot of kids happy for longer than you'd think! It's also a great way to demonstrate "Fifty fifty chance".

Give each child a penny. They roll or toss their penny across the gym, run to find it, run back to you to tally Heads or Tails on the chart, then does it all over again, and again, and again, until the whole page is full of tally marks.

By then they should be all worn out and you can call the group over to count the tally's and determine if Heads or Tails has more or if it's just about even!

It's fun to post the results on a camp bulletin board!


enough pennies for each child to have one (and a few extra for lost coins!) a piece of paper and a pencil for tallying the results a gym to run crazy in!


To get some running around time in and learn a little something about chance!
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Submitted by: Katherine Sandoval, (Kennebunkport Recreation)

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