1. Take one long, very pliable branch and bend in the middle. If the branch is green enough, it won't snap.

2. Continue folding the ends around and cross them at the bottom of the heart shape. Tie the ends together where they cross with a short piece of floral wire.

3.Wrap and twine the rest of your branches around this main shape. Use floral wire where needed to hold the branches in place.

4.Use branches without leaves for the main bulk of the wreath, but as you get closer to the outside, include some small branches with leaves left on them.

*Eucalyptus branches are wonderful to use for this project. The new growth branches are reddish in color, great for a Valentine's Day wreath, and they smell great too!


Branches and twigs from any tree or bush Lightweight floral wire Wire clippers and garden clippers Dried flowers, or other decorations if desired


A Heart Shaped Wreath Made From Things in Your Yard!
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