**This is a "repeat after me" song
In the beginning God made the sea
(make a "C" with your hand when you say "sea)
And the forest filled with trees
(wave your hands)
He made the mountains up so high
(jump up and down making a point with your hands)
And on the very top God placed the sky
(jump up and make with arms strait up and bend your wrists at the top making it look like like putting the sky there)
God's fingerprints are everywhere
(flick your fingers)
Just to show how much He cares
(hug yourself)
And in the end He had lots of fun
(swoop your fist in front of you)
He made a hippo that weighed a ton
(when you say "ton," put your arms away from your sides making something look big)
(using the same thing as before, go in a circle and use a deep voice)
Hip-Hip-Hurray, God made all of us
(Jump in a circle with index fingers pointing up going up and down and use a high voice, guys in falsetto)
Hip-Hip-Hurray, God made all of us
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Submitted by: Nicholas Kohne

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