This game is cute and full of laughs.

One player bats the tennis ball, with his utensil, to another player in the circle. The receiver tries to send the ball to another member. The ball bounces once between each hit.

If a person fails to receive the tennis ball, or send it to another player, he is eliminated. The game continues until one player is left.

THEN, everyone passes his utensil one person to the right, and the game begins again. The choice of utensils makes the game a success. Because each person will have a chance to use each utensil, they can be various shapes, sizes and styles.


1 tennis ball A variety of items (one for each player ) that can be used to hit the tennis ball, i.e. items that would not normally be used for this purpose. For example, an assortment of baseball bats, pots and pans, shields, large sticks, fly swatters, kitchen utensils.
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